Melos Choir and Period Instruments

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‘Melos eagerly awaits the time when we can meet with our audience in person and be transported together by historic sounds and narratives. Meanwhile, enjoy a sneak preview below of our upcoming great programs to attend as soon as live performances are deemed safe.

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Upcoming Melos Programs 2021-22:

Voces Feminarum Music By and About Women 

From West and East – 12th – 18th centuries

Hear the brilliant gifts of historic women composers, and passionate music written about women, spanning a millennium from Europe and around the Mediterranean. Melos is joined by Dr. George Sawa, qanun; Sadaf Amini, santur; and historian and percussionist, Suzanne Meyers Sawa, who will shed light on women in historic music of the Arab world. Includes works by Hildegard, Strozzi and Cozzolani: songs of love and motherhood from West and East, highlighted by historic readings.

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Puer Natus Est 

Advent and Christmas Music – 12th – 18th centuries   

Travel with Melos to Bethlehem in this program of rare chant and ancient carols spanning many centuries and tongues. We highlight the Nativity with joyful instrumentals and rich motet settings of Puer natus est, by Morales, Guerrero, Lassus and Bach.

Adoration of the Magi by Hieronymous Bosch ca. 1475, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.  

Sound Structures – Circum Mediterraneum

Music and Architecture 8th  – 18th centuries

Dr. Peter Coffman, award-winning photographer and architectural historian, guides us through stunning slides of historic buildings, churches and mosques, to show both cross-influence and contrast between East and West in architectural design and decor. Percussionist Ben Grossman joins Melos and friends in evoking historic music of the Iberian Peninsula, the far reaches of the Mediterranean and Europe.

Photograph courtesy of Dr. Peter Coffman: Arches, Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

Magnificats 9th – 18th centuries

A Millennium of Mary’s Song

Mary’s canticle rings joyfully through the centuries in settings from the Middle Ages through the Baroque. Melos choir, soli, and period instruments perform works by awe-inspiring composers from the anonymous writers of the Middle Ages through Monteverdi, Zelenka and Bach.

The Visitation by Domenico Ghirlandaio ca. 1491, The Louvre, Paris.

Artwork by Richard Talbot and


Photograph of Fontenay Abbey by Paul M. Malo