Silent Auction of Talents and Experiences – Carnevale 2018

Melos Venetian Carnevale Fundraiser Friday February 9, 2017 7:30pm

Silent Auction Of Talents and Experiences Listing of Offerings

The Silent Auction of Talents and Experiences will be held on February 9, 2017 during our Venetian Carnevale Fundraiser, taking place at the Italo-Canadian Club, 1174 Italia Lane, Kingston

Should you wish to make a bid on an item and cannot attend the event on February 9, you may send one bid per item to: or fill out the contact form below.

Your bid should include:

Item #

Bid amount

Your name, address and telephone number.

Bids will be accepted until Thursday February 8 at 9pm and must be at or above the Minimum Reserve Bid. Should two identical bids be made by separate individuals, the first one received shall be used at the February 9 auction. Melos encourages you to bid the highest amount you are willing to offer for the item.

You will be contacted for payment after the event should your bid be the winning bid.

Thank you for your support!

Below you will find the items generously donated for our Silent Auction of Talents and Experiences.

You can download a copy by clicking here: Catalogue 2018







Item 1 – Painting with Maureen Sheridan

Have you wanted to get out your art supplies and get painting? Take a one-hour painting lesson with accomplished local artist Maureen Sheridan, BFA, BAH in her studio. Bring your supplies or supplies for acrylic painting can be provided for $15.

Donated by: Maureen Sheridan                                                Retail Value: $60                               Minimum Reserve Bid: $40


Item 2- To Warm the Spirits…

The winter nights are long. Make them cozy with three 750ml bottles of alcoholic specialty drinks crafted by two Melos choir members.  Enjoy Lemoncello, ginger and orange, and coffee liqueurs, all together in a handcrafted wooden box.

Donated by:  Megan Bruce and Andrea Jones                     Retail Value:  $80

Minimum Reserve Bid:              $50


Item 3 – Venetian Palazzi

For your winning bid you will receive a 258 page Volume in English, French and German celebrating Venice.  This book published in 1998 is in excellent condition. Read about the history of each palace and the detailed description of interiors and exteriors. The full page colour photographs reveal the splendour of the interiors of a city that achieved greatness!

Donated by:  Julia and Pierre Duprey                                        Retail Value: $ 70

Minimum Reserve Bid:              $35


Item  4 – Pull Out the All the Stops!

Have you ever wondered how a pipe organ works and how an organist goes about playing it? Every instrument is different. Perhaps you’ve never glimpsed the inside of one?  Take a one-hour tour of the organ with Melos’ Charlie Walker, organist and choir director at St. James Anglican Church. This one-hour tour at St. James should help answer some of your questions. Up to 4 people, and curious kids are welcome!

Donated by:  Charlie Walker                                                        Retail Value:  $60

Minimum Reserve Bid:              $40


Item 5 – City Hall: prisoners, politicians and public servants

Kingston City Hall – place of mystery, myth and a few surprises . . . and the seat of local government. Join Kingston’s City Curator Paul Robertson for a one-hour tour of City Hall for up to 5 people and enjoy his insider look at the nooks and crannies of this National Historic Site. Explore out of the way places, and learn about the beautiful architecture, personalities and social history that have animated this place since 1844.  Please note: due to the behind-the-scenes nature of this tour, not all areas are fully accessible.

Donated by: Paul Robertson                                                        Retail Value:  $60

Minimum Reserve Bid:              $40


Items 6– Taylored Training

Your 3 week Taylored Training Trial (for new members only, one trial per person) includes: unlimited training with TT team of coaches (You will always have a program and a coach to assist you each time you train); a scheduled personal training session with one of 5 Fitness Experts; a nutrition consultation with one of TT Nutrition Coaches; and a Full Assessment with TT Physiotherapy Team to assess your movement, address any past or current injuries as well as your flexibility, strength and fitness. The bid price is for ONE trial membership.  There are four packages being offered 6A, 6B, 6C and 6D.

Donated by:  Taylored Training                                                  Retail Value:  $135

Minimum Reserve Bid:              $70


Items 7 – Tara Natural Foods

Enjoy a $25 gift certificate to be used at Tara Natural Foods, 81 Princess Street, celebrating over 40 years serving Kingstonians wholesome foods. The bid price is for ONE certificate.  There are two packages being offered 7A and 7B.

Donated by:   Tara Natural Foods                                              Retail value:  $25

Minimum Reserve Bid:              $15


Item 8 – Flute Lessons

For your winning bid you will receive four hours of flute lessons with Melos’ Bill Egnatoff.  Lessons are for all levels and can be ½ hr, ¾ or 1 hr. Bill plays with The Kingston Classics Trio, Classic Delights Trio and the flute choir Flutissimo and also directs a flute choir at Chalmers United Church.

Donated by:   Bill Egnatoff                                                            Retail Value:  $200

Minimum Reserve Bid:           $120


Item 9 – Black Dog Hospitality

The winning bidder will receive a $75 gift certificate to enjoy the fabulous food at either Chien Noir Bistro/Brasserie,  Atomica Pizza & Wine Bar, Dianne’s Fish Shack &Smokehouse, or Harper’s Burger Bar, all in the heart of downtown Kingston.

Donated by:  Black Dog Hospitality                                           Retail Value:  $75

Minimum Reserve Bid:              $50


Item 10 – Piano tuning by the Piano Man

For your winning bid you will receive piano tuning services by professional piano tuner John Hall.  John Hall, Curator of the Canadian Piano Museum, located in the historic John Stevenson House, Napanee, operates his own piano tuning and repair business.

Donated by:  John Hall      Retail Value:   $110

Minimum Reserve Bid:   $70


Items 11 – Marc F. Raymond Optician

The winning bidder will receive a $30 gift certificate from Marc F. Raymond Optical,  324 King St. E. Kingston,  providing quality eyewear, frames and lenses and optical equipment to Kingston residents for over 40 years. The bid price is for ONE certificate.  There are two packages being offered 11A and 11B

Donated by: Marc F. Raymond                                                  Retail Value:  $30

Minimum Reserve Bid:              $15


Item 12 – Memory Box

For your winning bid you will received a handcrafted Memory box made of cherry by Melos’ Chorister Ken Coull.  The box is 14 1/8”  x  11 1/8” and 5 ¾’ high.  Use it to store memories and treasures alike!

Donated by: Ken Coull                                                                    Retail Value:  $100                   Minimum Reserve Bid:              $60


Item 13 – Lunch and Shop Downtown

For your winning bid you will receive a $25 gift certificate from Megalos, 226 Princess St. to enjoy a meal in this upscale casual, family-friendly dining atmosphere.  In addition, enjoy your $25 gift certificate from Novel Idea, Kingston’s Independent Bookstore, 156 Princess Street, both located in the heart of downtown Kingston.

Donated by: Megalos and Novel Idea                                     Retail Value:  $50

Minimum Reserve Bid:              $30


Item 14 – Yoga to Relieve Chronic Stiffness

In this 75 minute private Yoga session for up to three people with Gordon Gwynne-Timothy, you will learn yoga poses and other yoga techniques to help open up areas of tightness or restricted mobility. You will learn some modified versions of the classic yoga poses, tailored to your particular needs. The goal is to assist in particular areas like the hips, lower back or upper back and shoulders, that in your daily life often become tight or stiff. Some pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) and/or restorative yoga (poses where you are supported by props in a position of relaxation, in order to facilitate muscular release) will be included in the session.  This approach to yoga includes the use of props, such as chairs or wooden blocks, to allow a more healthy approach to a pose and to avoid overdoing a stretch or missing the target area. You will leave with a number of concrete ideas for improving your self-care.

Donated by:  Gordon Gwynne-Timothy                                  Retail Value: $80

Minimum Reserve Bid: $40


Items 15 – Sing, Sing a Song!

The lucky winners of these items will enjoy a 45 minute private voice lesson with Melos Music Director Holly Gwynne-Timothy.  Holly uses functional vocal training that releases throat constriction, and re-conditions reflexes in the vocal tract for easier singing.  Lessons are booked at a mutually convenient time. Holly has been immersed in early music as a singer, choral conductor and voice teacher for over 30 years in Ontario and in the USA.  The bid price is for ONE lesson. There are two packages being offered 15A, 15B.

Donated by:  Holly Gwynne-Timothy                                       Retail Value:  $50 each

Minimum Reserve Bid:              $25


Item 16 – Fashion Forward Feet

Keep your tootsies toasty and put your best foot forward with hand-knit washable wool socks, made to measure by Jill. You choose size, colour, and pattern options. Baby it’s cold outside!

Donated by:  Jill Frick                                                                      Retail Value:  $50                      Minimum Reserve Bid:              $25


Item 17 – Travel the World!

Get help to plan your travel with excellent suggestions around the world using your $250 gift certificate from Merit Travel.  Take a break from winter and relax in the sun, from Mexico, to Cuba, to the Dominican Republic and more, there’s a vacation package for every traveler.  Talk to a Merit Travel expert, and find your perfect spot in the sunshine!  Get a personalized quote.

Donated by: Merit Travel                                                             Retail Value: $250                   

Minimum Reserve Bid:           $130


Item 18 – Peaceful Music for You …

Wikipedia describes the recorder as an instrument long associated with pastoral scenes, miraculous events, and amorous scenes.  So with this fabulous item, you get to experience peace, miracles and love, all at the same time!! Your one-hour recorder lesson with Heather Schreiner will have you making lovely music in no time.  Your 60 minute lesson can be taken as one session or spread over two lessons, as you wish.   Beginner or advanced musicians are welcome to bid.   Bring your own instrument or borrow one from Heather.

Donated by:  Heather Schreiner                                                 Retail Value:  $50

Minimum Reserve Bid:              $30


Item 19 – Stay at the Hotel Belvedere

Stay overnight in one of 25 rooms at the historic Hotel Belvedere, 141 King Street Kingston, and enjoy continental breakfast served to your room or in the dining room. No charge for children age 12 and under. The Hotel Belvedere is Kingston’s most comfortable and gracious inn, located in a 19th century building. Each room is unique with its own Old World charm and modern conveniences, and is freshly decorated in period antiques and classic styles.

Donated by: Hotel Belvedere                                                      Retail Value:  $169

Minimum Reserve Bid:           $80

Item 20 – Downtown:  K-Town Style!

Head on over to the corner of Brock and King Street for a wonderful dinner at Olivea  using your $50 gift certificate, followed by an evening of entertainment at The Screening Room (2 admission passes).

Donated by: Olivea, The Screening Room                              Retail Value: $74

Minimum Reserve Bid:              $40


Items 21– Kwik Fit Kingston

The winning bidder will receive a certificate for five introductory sessions at Kwik Fit Kingston 1044 Gardiner’s Road. A research based program for strength training, cardiovascular health, and functional ability in 12 to 15 minutes per week. One certificate per new customer. The bid price is for ONE certificate for 5 sessions.  There are three packages being offered 21A, 21B and 21C.

Donated by: Kwik Fit Kingston                                                    Retail Value: $175

Minimum Reserve Bid:              $90


Item 22– Peter’s Place Restaurant and Shoppers Drug Mart

Wander downtown and spend your $25 gift certificate at Peter’s Place Restaurant,  34 Princess Street, for breakfast or lunch, then head up Princess Street to Shoppers Drug Mart using your $25 gift certificate for your needs.

Donated by: Peter’s Place, Shoppers Drug Mart                  Retail Value:  $50                                          Minimum Reserve Bid:           $25


Item 23 – Fiancée Jewellers

The winning bidder will receive at $50 gift certificate from Fiancée Jewellers, 216 Princess Street.  For more than 30 years, offering beautiful jewellery to KIngstonians and visitors alike.

Donated by:  Fiancée Jewellers                                               Retail Value:  $50

Minimum Reserve Bid:  $25


Item 24 – Dinner for Two

Warm up the winter with a delicious dinner for two using your gift certificate for dinner for two at Curry Original.   Enjoy the delights of India in a charming historic setting with patio overlooking Lake Ontario. Curry Original is truly a local Kingston treasure!

Donated by:  Curry Original                                     Retail Value:  $62.95

Minimum Reserve Bid:  $40


Items 25– For Special Occasions, or just for fun!

Special occasions need great food! Enjoy your $25 gift certificate at Baskin Robbins, 1046 Princess St, for irresistible treats.  The bid price is for ONE certificate.  There are two packages being offered 25A and 25B.

Donated by:  Baskin Robbins                                                       Retail Value:  $25

Minimum Reserve Bid:  $15


Item 26 – Pasta Shelf and Bob’s Butcher Shop

Stop by the Pasta Shelf, 1749 Bath Rd, to pick up your family sized pan of lasagna– a little bit of Italy introducing fresh, authentic, homemade pasta right here in Kingston!  And use your $25 gift certificate at Bob’s Butcher Shop now in two locations: 2808 North Princess St and 730 Front Rd.

Donated by:  Pasta Shelf and Bob’s Butcher Shop               Retail Value:  $46.99

Minimum Reserve Bid:  $25


Item 27 – Local Musician CDs

Enjoy 3 CDs featuring  local musicians : Melos- A Star in the East; Aurora Dokken and Larry House- When you and I were Young Maggie; and Holly Gwynne-Timothy –Dry Bones, Christianity in Transition – music of the 12th-20th centuries. Featuring Dry Bones Choir directed by Holly Gwynne-Timothy and Sine Nomine Ensemble for Medieval Music.

Donated by:  Melos, Aurora Dokken and Larry House       Retail Value:  $60                                 Minimum Reserve Bid:  $30

Holly Gwynne-Timothy


Item 28 – It’s all about the Olives

Visit the Kingston Olive Oil Co. and use your $50 gift certificate to shop for ingredients for your home cooking, including premium extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and more…

Donated by:  Kingston Olive Oil Co.                                          Retail Value:  $50

Minimum Reserve Bid:  $30


Item 29 – Allegra Oil Blends- Wellness Starter Kit

Find the essential oil you need to improve health and rest in this package. This kit is geared towards aiding sleep, breathing, preventing sickness, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. This package consists of Lavender- Mint Odor Spray, Breathe Relief (Opens airways during sickness), and Sweet Dreams (Promotes restful sleep). All rollerballs are made with a mix of fractionated coconut Oil, pure essential oils and love. Sing your heart out!

Donated by:  Ariel Zaichick                                                          Retail Value:  $30

Minimum Reserve Bid:  $20


Item 30 – The Tragically Hip White

For your winning bid you will received a bottle of The Tragically Hip 2016 Chardonnay “Ahead by a Century” (VQA Niagara Peninsula) signed by Paul Langlois, Rob Baker, and Gord Sinclair.  An experience to savour and remember!

Donated by:  Joanne Langlois                                                    Retail Value:  Priceless

Minimum Reserve Bid:  $60

Items 31 – Calling all Photographers

Your prints deserve to be of the highest quality to tell the story of your life. For your winning bid, you will receive a gift certificate for 50  photo prints at Camera Kingston, 114 Princess St. The bid price is for ONE certificate.  There are two packages being offered 31A and 31B.

Donated by:  Camera Kingston                                                   Retail Value:  $25

Minimum Reserve Bid:  $15


Item 32– River Mill Restaurant

Enjoy fine dining with your gift certificate for $30 at the River Mill Restaurant, 2 Cataraqui StreetSince 1985, the River Mill has been providing waterfront dining in Kingston. The bid price is for ONE certificate.  There are two packages being offered 32A, 32B.

Donated by:  The River Mill                                                         Retail Value:  $30

Minimum Reserve Bid:  $20


Items 33 – Classic Video

For your winning bid you will receive a $20 gift certificate from Classic Video,  40 Clarence Street. Classics has rentals of over 50,000 titles and has been a Kingston landmark for 30 years. The bid price is for ONE certificate.  There are two packages being offered 33A and 33B.

Donated by:  Classic Video                                                           Retail Value:  $20

Minimum Reserve Bid:  $15


Item 34 – Roadhouse Food for you

Dine at Kelsey’s Original Roadhouse using your $50 gift certificate and enjoy one of Canada’s original roadhouse restaurants at 650 Gardiners Rd. Stop by for great food and a lot of fun!

Donated by:  Kelsey’s Original Roadhouse                             Retail Value:  $50

Minimum Reserve Bid:  $30


Item 35 – Paul-Randolph Jewellers

Enjoy your $100 gift certificate at Paul-Randolph Jewellers, 303 Bagot St #4, Kingston.  Paul-Randolph Jewellers specializes in custom made jewellery, jewellery design, estate jewellery, timepieces, appraisals, and repairs of all jewellery and watches.

Donated by:  Paul-Randolph Jewellers                                     Retail Value:  $100

Minimum Reserve Bid:  $50


Item 36 – The House of Angelis Fashion Emporium

Use your $250 gift certificate from The House of Angelis Fashion Emporium, Brock Street, to create an outfit that makes you feel confident, beautiful and like you.  From undergarments and fashion basics to elegant accessories, they’ve got your look covered.

Donated by: The House of Angelis Fashion Emporium        Retail value: $250

Minimum Reserve Bid: $125


Item 37 – Birding and B& B Getaway

Enjoy a “Birding, and Bed and Breakfast” adventure in Prince Edward County!  Your winning bid gets you three hours of guided birdwatching for 1-4 people.  Your guide will be Amy Bodman, a birding enthusiast, filmmaker, writer and board member of the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists. Amy will provide snacks and transportation from Picton or Wellington.    Wrap up your birding adventure with a relaxing one night stay for two at Thyme Again Gardens B & B, 403 Smokes Point Road, Carrying Place where you will enjoy a beautifully appointed guest room in the circa-1890’s home with a breakfast featuring County foods.

Donated by: Amy Bodman, Thyme Again Gardens B&B           Retail value: $325

Minimum Reserve Bid:           $150


Item 38 – Organ Lessons

The winning bidder will enjoy three hours of organ lessons with Rev Kris Michaelson at St Paul’s Anglican Church, 137 Queen Street. Lesson can be 1/2 hr, ¾ hour or 1 hour long. Enjoy playing the Casavant Frères organ with guidance from Kris!

Donated by:  Kris Michaelson                                                      Retail Value: $150

Minimum Reserve Bid:              $90

Item 39 – Where there’s a Will….

Experts recommend that you read and review your Will yearly, and update it each time a major life event occurs (such as the birth of a grandchild). For the winning bidder, local lawyer Gordon Gwynne-Timothy will prepare basic Wills and Personal Powers of Attorney for a couple.  Gordon can guide you through the decisions you need to make and get the right paperwork in place.

Donated by:  Gordon Gwynne-Timothy                                   Retail Value: $ 650

Minimum Reserve Bid:           $200


Item 40 – Relaxing Get-away in Bloomfield & West Prince Edward County

Enjoy your overnight stay for two in historic Saylor House, in picturesque Bloomfield, 274 Main Street, with breakfast included in the cafe between 8:00 and 11:00. Stay in the Lilac Room, with its own bath across the hall. Redeemable through Feb 23, 2018, however, if you book on a Friday or Saturday in July, August or September, you are asked to purchase an extra night’s stay, for $125, to complete a two -night, Friday/Saturday occupancy).  Enjoy a tutored wine tasting of 4 premium wines for four people, in the private Barrel Cellar of Rosehall Run Vineyards, 1243 Greer Rd, west of Wellington.  And relax with a half hour massage for one person with Arlene Wilkinson, Registered Massage Therapist at Nightingales Therapeutic Spa and Rehabilitation, Bloomfield, 305 Main Street. The winning bidder to call ahead to coordinate visits.

Donated by: Saylor House, Rosehall Run Vineyards, Arelene Wilkinson       Retail Value:  $275                 Minimum Reserve Bid:         $150

Item 41 – The Director’s Gluten Free

Enjoy 6 batches of Holly’s would-not-know-it’s Gluten Free baked goods from her own recipes. Baked in uncertified but Gluten Free home, using half quinoa flour for nutrition and half Bulk Barn Gluten Free flour mix*.  Choose from the following Gluten-Free recipes: Decadent brownies; almond/chocolate chip blondies; Healthy Cranberry apple walnut cake; no nuts carrot cake with cream cheese frosting; Chocolate chip cookies; Decadent dark chocolate layer cake with chocolate ganache frosting. Baking by prior arrangement, no more than two of these items for one occasion. Preferable to allow 3 days notice outside of holiday periods

*Gluten free flour from Bulk Barn is sold from covered bulk bins; however this flour cannot be sworn to be free of airborne, glutinous particulate from the rest of the store.

Donated by: Holly Gwynne-Timothy                         Retail Value: $120                                            Minimum Reserve Bid: $80


Item 42 – Send in the Clowns

For your winning bid you will receive two Eucalyptus Hand creams and wipes and 10 sachets of tea assortment plus a patio screen decoration.

Donated by:  Send in the Clowns                                                Retail Value: $ 35

Minimum Reserve Bid:              $15

Item 43 – Verde

Enjoy your $40 gift certificate from Verde, 123 Princess Street where you will find alternatives for a happy planet in an environmental general store that has a little bit of everything!

Donated by:  Verde                                                                         Retail Value: $ 40                      Minimum Reserve Bid:              $20

Item 44 – Oh, the Drama!!!

Delight in a 1.5 hour dramatic performance by Heather Bonham and Peter Aston of 84, Charing Cross Road for a private gathering or a fundraising event.  Helene Hanff’s beloved classic novel about her postwar, 20 year correspondence with a British bookseller has been adapted by Peter Aston, and needs no theatre or special set.    84, Charing Cross Road  has been described as an “unmitigated delight”…”a real life love story”…”a timeless period piece”. Heather and Peter have appeared together for over 40 years on many Kingston stages. Both are the recipients of numerous individual acting awards.

Donated by: Heather Bonham, Peter Aston                           Retail Value:  $300

Minimum Reserve Bid:           $150


Item 45 – Aurora Dokken Gallery

Own the galaxy in blown glass with 24K gold and other precious metals creating the impression of dynamic movement within the glass.  The winning bidder will receive this stunning glass blown pendant on an Italian multi-strand neckpiece from Aurora Dokken Gallery. Aurora has studied in Italy, Hungary and the United States and has blown glass for over 30 years, creating unique pieces of wearable art.

Donated by:  Aurora Dokken                                  Retail Value: $225

Minimum Reserve Bid: $125


Item 46 – Health Hut 10 class pass and Yoga Socks

For your winning bid you will receive a 10-class pass to the Health Hut in Enterprise and a pair of hand knit yoga socks.

This wellness yurt is nestled in the rural village of Enterprise, about 40 km northwest of Kingston, and offers specialized massage treatments, personal training and a variety of fitness & yoga classes.

Donated by:  Health Hut and Jill Frick                  Retail Value: $120

Minimum Reserve Bid: $60


Item 47 – Allegra Oil Blends- Allegra Starter Kit

Find the essential oil you need to improve health and mood in this package. This kit promotes physical, mental and emotional health for all. Blends are used to improve energy, heighten focus, and preventing vocal fatigue. This package consists of Tutti Fruity Odor Spray, Allegra Blend (Enriches energy and mood), and Sing Your Heart Out! (Opens airways and soothes throat). All rollerballs are made with a mix of fractionated coconut Oil, pure essential oils and love. Sing your heart out!

Donated by:  Ariel Zaichick                    Retail Value: $30

Minimum Reserve Bid: $20


Item 48 – The Frontenacs

Enjoy your wonderful four seats at the Kingston K-Rock, using 4 tickets to the Frontenacs Game on Sunday February 18 at 2pm (section 102-C, row 15, seats 7, 8, 9, 10).

Donated by:  Secker Ross & Perry LLP                                        Retail Value:  $80

Minimum Reserve Bid:  $40