Melos Period Instruments

Melos Period Instruments is a group of dedicated, professional musicians, who have undertaken study of historically informed playing of replica instruments from the 12th-18th centuries. The group has a core of 10 regular players, as well additional members who join us for expanded programs, like antiphonal settings that require double continuo groups or extra viols for viol ensemble or when we need extra woodwinds like flute

Instrumentalists for our 2018-2019 season include:

Lisa Draper, violin

Rosemary Gosse, violin

Eileen Beaudette, viola

Jeff Hamacher, cello, viola da gamba, oud

Heather Schreiner, Baroque oboe, recorders, Medieval instruments

Lisa Szeker-Madden, recorders

Jason Hawke, viola da gamba, recorders, Medieval instruments

John Hall, harpsichord, rehearsal pianist

Aurora Dokken, harpsichord, organ, rehearsal pianist

Julien Bouchard, percussionist

Daniel Chalmers, percussionist