Listen, Watch and Learn with Melos

Listen, Watch and Learn with Melos

 Sample Sounds of Voces Feminarum: Music By and About Women, 2021/22

1) De Sancta Maria: Hodie aperuit by Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) from Melos’ Star in the East CD.

2) Che si può fare by Barbara Strozzi (1619-77). Holly Gwynne-Timothy, soprano, with guest lutenist, Michael Leopold, recorded in 2017. For purchase:


Melos’ East/West explorations:

3) Avetis 3 – Medieval Armenian carol, arranged by Grigor Arakelian (1963-)

4) Dinaresade – 12th c., Syria

5) Coptic Nativity Hymn – pre-6th c., Egypt. Mina Narouz, cantor

These are excerpts from Melos’ Star in the East CD.

More East/West repertoire coming in Melos’ programs of 2021/22: Voces Feminarum and Sound Structures; and our recorded work through the Isabel Bader’s IMAGINE projects, Iberian Triptych, to be released in May.

 Melos’ Early Christmas Music from Star in the East CD:

6) Templum cordis by Adam of St. Victor, d. 1146

7) Christmas Carol by Thomas Ravenscroft (1588-1635)

8) The Angel Gabriel – Traditional Basque carol, arranged by H. Gwynne-Timothy

9) Noel Nouvelet – 16th c., France

10) Puer natus est – by Michael Praetorius (1571-1621)


Middle Eastern Early Music

 Sadaf Amini is an Iranian-Canadian musician, composer and santur virtuoso. She has collaborated several times with Melos. The santur is an ancient, Iranian stringed instrument, played with lightweight mallets. Ancestor to the hammered dulcimer, it has 72 strings and a range of about 3 octaves.

Sadaf plays traditional tunes as well as her own compositions. You can see Sadaf Amini performing online at Kingston’s Isabel Bader Centre as a finalist in the YGK Competition 2019:

Visit Sadaf’s website to hear more or to purchase her recordings.

Music and Architecture:

 Dr. Peter Coffman has been Melos’ guest for two concerts. He is the supervisor of Carleton University’s History and Theory of Architecture program. He will join Melos in 2022 for Sound Structures, Circum Mediterraneum, providing a gorgeous architectural slideshow highlighted by Melos’ music. Here is a podcast by Dr. Coffman – an interview with Dr. John Osborne. Note Melos choir singing in the background:

Music and Arts in Medieval Spain

This article from Interlude by Professor Ursula Rehn Wolfman provides insight into some of the history that inspires Melos’ East/ West collaborations and our architectural programs.

We turn to Medieval Spain and its rich cultural span in our Iberian Triptych recording, Voces Feminarum and Sound Structures programs in 2021/22.