Join us/Auditions

We are currently holding auditions for the 2018/2019 Melos concert season.

Auditions will be heard until mid September 2018.

Looking for a unique choir experience in Kingston? Do you like music that takes you back in the mists of time, spanning centuries and continents? Your search is over! Melos Choir specializes in “early music” – music from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods. We sing mostly in Latin, Italian, French, German with some English thrown in for good measure! Middle English or other historic accents add drama and tongue- twisting fun to the endeavour! Melos also folds in early music from parallel cultures as far away as Greece, Egypt, Syria and Armenia. So be prepared to learn, and sharpen your linguistic and musical skills as well as your pencils! While you might not be familiar with many of the pieces when you start, you’ll soon learn to love the beautiful, whimsical, and spiritual music we perform.

Annual membership fees are $250 for choristers plus a commitment to participate in one extremely fun fundraiser- Carnevale (or donate should you not be able to attend). We rehearse on Wednesday evenings at St. George’s Great Hall (upstairs from the Wellington St entrance).

A choir handbook and friendly choir members can help you navigate some of the more subtle ins and outs of the choir, and there are lots of opportunities to chat and get to know your peers in the choir during rehearsal breaks.

For more information on auditioning for Melos, please fill out the form below, or email Holly at