About Us

Melos Choir and Period Instruments perform music from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. We strive to re-create the spirit of these periods, using historic instruments, techniques and styles. Our instruments range from the rarely heard krumhorn, rackett, gemshorn, oud, viola da gamba, and harpsichord, with hand drums like darrabukka or tambourine; to the more familiar violins, Baroque oboe, flute and recorders.

We hope you will let us transport you from the quiet Medieval cloister to the raucous renaissance tavern hall;  or from the simplicity of haunting Celtic tunes with hand drums, to the grandeur of Baroque choruses, or opera excerpts with orchestra.

We perform music mostly from the west; but we also weave in music from other ancient traditions and cultures, bringing music, spoken word, and sometimes dance together to create a unique performance experience. We are very fortunate to be able to perform in several acoustically and visually beautiful spaces. Many of our concerts are at St. George’s Cathedral, Kingston, where the resonant acoustic helps transport our listeners back in time.

Melos loves to share its learning and knowledge! We offer a variety of workshops with highly experienced guest musicians throughout the year.  Be sure to check out upcoming events on our website and Facebook!